option to export camera and light


There should be a additional option to export camera(s) and lights of the scene as well. In that case not just the Model3dGroup is created but also a ViewPort3D object that contains the lights and the camera. I am not sure how it could be achived to export multiple cameras since ViewPort3D only supports one. Maybe instead of export the actual camera object we just export some ressource data that contains the setup information for the cameras that we could bind to if we want to switch the camera.
For blender lights that are not supported in WPF we could
a) not export it (and write that to console)
b) progamatically create a light that matches it at closely as possible.
This way I could export the complete scene setup as desired. Setting up the lights and cameras afterwards is sometimes a tedious task, especially if I want to have them the same way I had them in blender.
Closed Jun 16, 2008 at 12:15 AM by TheRHogue
lamps and cameras are exported. If you want something exported, just make sure it is selected.